Day 79: We The People

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March 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

When’s the last time you felt like your government really represented you?  If during the last election cycle, you felt that a candidate would attempt to act on your behalf, or at least consider your interests genuinely while in office, then in all likelihood, you were the candidate.  Seriously, if you’ve ever tried to reach out to one of your government representatives, you almost certainly understand how deaf an ear elected officials seem to turn to their constituents.  I have a stack of automated responses from state and federal officials, thanking me for my interesting in telling them how to do their job…but isn’t listening to me part of their job?  And isn’t telling them how to do their part of mine, as a citizen?  It’s easy to understand why people would rather gripe amongst themselves than take to the capital lawns, because at least (for now), they won’t turn the hoses on you for bitching about government when you’re sitting around your kitchen table.  Today’s project, however, offers you the ability to stand up and be counted without having to pitch a tent or hold up an embarrassing sign. wants you to make the laws.  Or at least for you to have your say in the matter.

We the People will be able to Direct our Congress by selecting & creating citizen-reviewed laws at  Help us finish building this non-partisan lawmaking forum that will be easy for busy thought leaders like you to use.  This technology is a gift of public infrastructure for all Americans:

With the advent of the internet, a representative government should now be able to more accurately and justly represent and serve the public, and through a tool to connect lawmakers with law-abiders, there’s really no more excuse for deaf representatives.  What I think will be really interesting is to see how a representative’s willingness to interact with his or her constituents will change the political atmosphere.  Will we continue to tolerate autonomous, copy-and-pasted robo-responses from bought-and-paid-for incumbents when their challengers are interested in hearing us out – not just in the campaign, but throughout the duration of their time in office?  If you’re into the idea of shaking things up a bit by restoring a bit of power to the people, I hope you’ll join me in backing the Transparent Lawmaking Forum on Kickstarter before April 7.


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