Day 74: What Matters Most

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March 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

The “News” has become a joke.  What Network projected as a dystopic satire in the 1970s has become all too real, and I’d bet that even Howard Beale would find today’s excuse for news a shameful mockery of journalism; more than that, perhaps, a mockery of truly significant events that go un-noted while networks degrade themselves into pure entertainment.  Granted, this was the state news was in when I stopped watching it on TV some years ago, so I’m a bit out of the loop there, but I’ve found no compelling reason to return to the tube for information of any kind.  Unfortunately, the vast, glorious and open space of the internet is not free from the tyranny of news media, and even Google is guilty of selectively filtering what it features (though on a much more personal, less obvious, and thus perhaps a more dangerous level).  Today’s project, however, instills a note of hope in this cascade of press releases, shock-and-awe snippets, sex scandals and opinions from both the professionally offensive and the professionally offended, and it’s starting with one of the most un-revered and sadly misrepresented issues today: science and technology.

MATTER is returning to a lost art: true journalism.  Each week, they will highlight truly significant developments from amongst the science and tech world.  To me, these stories are more than fascinating, they’re important.  Science and technology are the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) drivers of the world, and the limited attention they receive today is often dominated by fear mongering and misguided or straight-up erroneous reporting.  MATTER is out to change that.

We’ve developed a way to support independent, global, in-depth reporting about science and technology, two subjects that are close to our hearts. We’re going to use it to build MATTER, the new home for the best journalism about the future. And we need you to help us make it happen.

Poor communication between scientists and non-scientists is something that I think holds the entire world back.  A lack of understanding leads to mistrust and discomfort for scientific pursuit, and could be blamed for an immeasurable amount of scientific nonstarters (why are we not back on the moon by now?  And where’s my flying car?)  As a platform to genuinely inform, rather than entertain, shock or appal the public, MATTER will be a tool to foster understanding, respect and perhaps even trust for some of the things that truly matter most.

Join me in helping MATTER to return science and technology to the open and undistorted main stage of public view by backing this project before March 24.


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