Day 73: Eat More Kale

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March 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I would never, ever, ever even think of pirating music, movies, books, games or programs.  Never.  With that said, I think that the authorities that govern the intellectual property rights have taken their task too far.  For thousands of years, ideas were free.  Creation and creativity flowed and we thrived our way into the modern era, where we grew savvy enough to turn ideas into commodities.  Intellectual property has become a good – bought, sold, coveted and protected fiercely.  To me, the jury is out as to whether or not that’s such a good thing.  Whether or not you believe in truly open exchange of information, there’s almost nobody out there I know of who’s willing to argue for claiming rights and imposing restrictions on other peoples’ ideas.  Almost.

Today’s project arose from one such imposition, wherein a multi-billion-dollar business felt so threatened by one t-shirt slinging vegetable enthusiast that they reached down from their corporate suite to slap him in the face.  Bo Muller-Moore, however, is not the kind of man to take a Cease and Desist order lying down. 

Chick-fil-A, the country’s second largest chicken chain, is claiming that I’m infringing on their trademark ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ slogan with my ‘Eat More Kale’ t-shirts. Their lawyers want to confiscate my website, my t-shirt biz and art.

Chick-fil-A is also demanding that I “forever cease and desist.”

Cease and desist?? Like hell. I’ve decided to fight.

I don’t care where you stand on trademark and copyright boundaries, Chik-fil-a has gone too far.  Their abuse of what is already an over-extended intellectual property law is more than shameful – it’s counterproductive.  It’s destructive.  It literally strangles creativity.  It hinders innovation.  It’s cost the world an untold number of wacky T-shirts already and it’s time to stand up and put an end to the madness.  Bo wasn’t the first.  Amongst the other evildoing plagiarists that Chik-fil-a has gone after as part of their crackdown on eating more things, slogans like Eat More Catfish and Eat More Goat – what’s next?  Eat More Chicken?

It’s a slippery slope that we’re now tumbling down, with regards to trademarks, so unless you’re interested in letting trademark holders continue to extend their grasp until they’re collecting royalties on the stains on your kitchen floor, you might seriously consider joining me in supporting Bo and helping this story of defiance in the face of insanity before March 25.

Keep up the good fight, Bo.  I’m going to go eat some more kale.


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