Day 65: Something Old, Something New.

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March 5, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

In 2007, I started spying on someone.  I knew, for instance, where he was and what he was doing most days of the week.  I also caught a glimpse of what he was thinking about.  He was a smart, funny, genuine and creative guy.  I observed, from a distance, this man’s life unfolding day by day, and was captivated by what he experienced, what he created and ultimately what he inspired.  I watched and I listened, and as I peered inside his mind, I felt my own my working, growing and thinking new things.  This man was Ze Frank, and secretly, unbeknownst to him, he became my friend.

It was through no fault of his that our relationship was so one-sided.  Ze and I were separated by both distance and time.  My whole observance of his life was a look into the recent past because roughly one year beforehand, Ze started filming his daily musings and sharing them with the world.  It’s a testament to how special Ze is that he was able to draw as much feedback as he did – amassing a legion of friends with whom he interacted, shared with and inspired.  Together, they came up with hilarious, beautiful and awe-inspiring projects around the world (literally).  The Show with Ze Frank lasted for one year, filling every weekday between March 17, 2006 and March 17, 2007 with something new.  It was a year of connecting and creating, and one that I missed out on for lack of awareness during the fact.  I was lucky that at least Ze’s year was recorded so that even after the fact, people like me could find something in it to take into their own lives.

After The Show stopped in March of 2007, though, Ze did not stop.  He’s been working all the while on neat little projects for and with the friends he’s earned, including me, but to all of us who loved The Show so much, there was always a quiet wish for its return.  Today’s project proves that wishes sometimes come true.

Some things will be familiar. My face, my voice, politics, news, science, whatever else is happening in the world, the celebration of the spontaneous… and surprises.

But the core of the original show was never really about what I did. It was about what you did. And I have no idea what is going to happen there. It’s risky, unknown and awesome. I will be asking you to make things, to do things, and to surprise me. We will use the world as our playground and I have the technology to back it up. If I don’t, I will make it.

Ze’s coming back.  It’s unfair, I guess, to say that he had ever really left, but The Show was such an amazing project – a platform for communication and connection and creation – that without it, the world was just a little less awesome.  Now, though, the awesome will shine brighter than ever before, thanks to Ze and you and me and (at least) 3,216 other people around the world who will become friends over the next year.

So come join us.  Become our friend.  See what we’re doing, what we’re sharing, and maybe share a little bit of your life too.  Ze was able to start some extraordinary things by bringing people together through The Show and I’m excited to see what we’ll do together now that there’s more Sports Racers than ever before.  This project will be funded in 3 days, but the fun is just beginning.  Stay tuned.


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