Day 57: Game of Thrones

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February 26, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Aaah, politics.  Or should I say AAAAH!! POLITICS!!  How are we to escape the wheeling, dealing, conniving, underhanded and shady process of vote-getting that’s giving us the government we deserve?  Even if your view of politics isn’t quite that bleak, the system seems inescapable, so we had best settle in and try to enjoy it, whaddaya say?  It’s all a game anyhow, and when we’re able to look behind the scenes (which we’re rarely ever able to do), the game is fascinating.  Today’s project is bringing that game down to size and giving you control.

The Presidential Game is…pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a board game built around the election of the president of the United States.  Have you got what it takes to win at least 270 of this country’s 538 votes that matter?

The Presidential is a game of strategy played with dice and chance cards on a beautifully designed map of the U.S. showing the Electoral College votes of each state.  Two teams, Democrats and Republicans, fight for control of state delegations to ultimately win more than 270 electoral votes.  The Presidential is an entertaining and educational family game — fun for both students (13+) and adults.  You may not know how the Electoral College works, but you’ll enjoy the excitement of playing for the most powerful job in the world!

Turn-based strategy with stakes so high, they’d make Lincoln himself look for a taller stump to stand on.  Pit yourself against the opposing party to take on the nation in a state-by-state crusade either consisting of campaigning or fundraising, trying to win hearts, minds and money while sidestepping gaffs and uncooperative delegates.  This game is a timely bit of thought-provoking (and maybe a little shrewd) fun that’ll have you scheming your way into the White House of bragging rights amongst your friends.  Politics might just bring out a side of them (and maybe of you, too), that you didn’t know existed.  Play with caution.

The game is being developed not only as a solid board game, but also as an app which will allow for cyber campaigning with friends across the states.  So if politics really does sound like a bunch of game playing to you, check this project out before March 12.


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