Day 53: From Seed to Street


February 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Aaah, street food.  One of the best thing about big cities is the immense variety of mobile delicatessen – ranging from the mundane to the exotic (are you brave enough to try street sushi?), but it occurs to me that for the most part, these ultra-lite restaurants are serving anything but ultra-lite fare.  I’d go so far as to say that the easiest food to get a hold of might just be some of the least nutritious food around.  Shame, really, because the notion of fast, healthy food is a great one.  Luckily, today’s project has exactly that notion in mind.

The Beet Box hopes to become the newest addition to Ann Arbor’s street-bound cuisine, offering whole, healthy and natural foods to locals on the move.  Their vision is one of great food made easy, which is an attribute that hot dogs and pretzels have had cornered for too long.  Time for a change.

More interesting than just bringing good food to busy people, Beet Box actually rewards customers for healthy habits.  Would you do a few jumping jacks if it meant saving 5%?  Or instead giving 5% of your order to a local non-profit?  I’d jump for that.

The Beet Box has a pretty comprehensive mission when it comes to empowering people with food:

1. StrongFood – Our food is fresh and simple, with next to no processed ingredients.  Our meals will electrify your taste buds and provide you with the needed fuel to take on your day. (Scroll down to see sample menu)

2. StrongSelf – We will reward you for pursuing an active lifestyle – if you complete our healthy challenge of the day at the cart i.e. 25 crunches, jump rope, etc., we will give you a 5% discount on your meal.

3. StrongCommunity – A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to a local health cause. Loyal customers, after purchasing 10 meals, will get a discount on a local workout, yoga, or dance class, etc.

4. StrongRelationships – As a team we are determinedto transform our relationships with each customer, fostering a strong support system for those pursuing healthy lifestyles.

5. StrongFarmers – The majority of our produce will be sourced locally from the Ann Arbor farmer’s market and the University Farm.

With a menu full of whole, fresh and nutritious food and a platform suited for people who might otherwise have to choose between street meat and vending machines, I’m a fan of Beet Box’s mission for feeding people better.

They’re turning to Kickstarter in order to finance their debut in Ann Arbor, but they have visions of taking to the streets in cities across the country someday, so even if you’re not a local, there’s good reason to back this project before the deadline closes on March 6.


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