Day 51: Fresh Air


February 20, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

There’s not enough good TV left on the air.  Call me a cynic, but it seems to me that most of what gets broadcast is meant to turn one’s brain off completely, which for me, is a complete turn off.  Amongst the hundreds of channels, each with their own niche, I can count on one hand the number that I still regard as worth watching from time to time, and then only for very special shows.  PBS is one of those channels, and might actually top that short list of mine, because it houses some of the most genuinely interesting programming on the air, and has a long history of educational, thought-provoking, insightful and authentic material.  Today’s project hopes to join the PBS family with a new show dedicated to the fine art of fresh food.

In Season with John MacPherson is what he describes as a culinary “adventure show”, wherein he travels across the U.S. to explore the depth of nature’s local bounty throughout the seasons, ultimately finding his way to the kitchen, putting the fresh ingredients to work and showing you how to pull it off in your own neighborhood.

TV cooking shows tend to fall into three categories: “stand-and-stir,”  “watch me eat,” or competition formats. We wanted to see a food show that had a little more soul. One with an independent feel. One that introduced people to the true champions of local, seasonal and honest foods. One that looked as beautiful as the foods taste.

Think Dirty Jobs meets Julia Child.

PBS loved the pilot and is hungry for more, but in order to make the full season of In Season, they’re turning to Kickstarter to grow the show.  So if you want to be a part of this fresh air – a new member amongst a small family of good television programming – join me in backing In Season before March 24.


One thought on “Day 51: Fresh Air

  1. Alex,

    Thanks so much for choosing In Season! We truly appreciate your comments and support.

    Many,many thanks,
    John MacPherson

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