Day 50: Turning Up the Heat

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February 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s Last Second Sunday and I set out to find a sweet project with a fast-approaching deadline, and let me tell you, man is this one sweet.  And savory.  And zesty and bold and mellow and just plain old hot.  Today’s project is about spices.

In search of flavor, Pete Taylor has studied spices for years and has now launched the culmination of his culinary prowess for flavor-loving spice-enthusiasts to learn the fine art and science of spiceology.

SAVORx is a company founded on a deep love for spices – all spices – in their most flavorful, potent and pure form.  This is a sentiment I happen to share, and a reason for my frequent patronage at exotic shops and markets in search of raw ingredients.  SavoRx and I both know the difference between fresh spice and the stuff that’s been oxidized and left to decay in pre-powdered form, and they’ve been doing an amazing job spreading the good word about good spice.  Now, though, SAVORx is turning up the heat in hopes of moving spice into the spotlight.  Their goal is to not only expand their spice and spice-related offerings through their storefront, but also to help put great spices to good use in your kitchen through their YouTube channel‘s cooking demo series.  Even I could learn a thing or two from this guy.  Pete knows spice.

Their mission is to turn everyone into a spiceologist, and even if you’re only current culinary capabilities include boiling water and melting cheese in the microwave, there’s a whole world of spice out there that you can master without breaking a sweat (unless you’re as big a fan of curry as I am, in which case sweating is a sign of a good meal).  They can hook you up with the tools, the ingredients and the know-how to navigate the marvelous field of flavor that you might not have seen behind your salt and pepper shakers.

Only a few hours left to get in on the ground floor of SAVORx’s campaign for a more flavorful world, so hurry over and make your pledge.


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