Day 48: A Brief History of Us

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February 17, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Why are we here?  I don’t mean that in a cosmic “why do we exist?” sense, but rather as a way of asking “why do we exist in the way we exist?”  It’s a question that I don’t ask myself a lot, and I suspect I’m not alone in that.  Historians are really the only people with a vested interest in taking a look back, and I don’t know many historians (though if you are one, hit me up – I’d love to know how you make a living!)  I’d be so bold as to say that most people are fixated either on the present or the future – interested in how to react, respond, adapt and prosper given the current conditions and by anticipating the conditions to come, rather than on examining the series of conditions that resulted in the present ones.  I, too, am mostly interested in the future, since it’s really the only thing we’re able to still change, but I understand also that one’s ability to anticipate the future can be made more robust by looking back and what’s already happened.  History is important.  Unfortunately, I’ve always found it to be mostly boring.  Today’s project might just change that.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory will be a multi-part webseries exploring the events, ideas and properties of nature, culture and humanity itself that have all served to bring us to where we are today – here and now.

Focusing on politics, Kirby Ferguson aims to shed light on the why of the current condition of the world.  He says that it will have most relevance to us here in the U.S., but makes the believable claim that history is global, and worth noting no matter where you grew up.

It will be a series with huge scope, but it’ll be rooted in solid storytelling. I’ll use history, science, psychology and economics to tell this story and I’ll make it relevant, accessible and seriously entertaining.

It will primarily be a work of perspective. It’s intended to give you some clarity and some context about where we are now. But it will also be my view of the material. It will have bias. I think it needs some commentary because frankly some ideas are bad, and this needs to be said. I’ll demonstrate these things and I’ll do it without cheap-shots or demonizing anybody.

Ferguson is the man behind another thought-provoking little series called Everything in a Remix, which got my attention some time back.  If you’re not already a fan, I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s definitely worth watching, and as Kirby himself notes, is a testament to the quality he’s going to strive for in his upcoming project.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory will be an entirely free (yes, really and truly free in every sense of the word) creation, but backing this project on Kicstarter not only gets you inside access, but actually enables you to contribute your thoughts and ideas to Kirby as he goes.

Changing the future doesn’t necessarily require looking at the past – we can definitely go blindly forward, and it seems to me that many of our leaders are content to do just that – but I think the more we understand about why we are where we are – about what’s worked and what hasn’t – the better we can move forward.  Become a part of history by backing Kirby on Kickstarter before March 16.


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