Day 43: Splashing in the Shark Tank

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February 12, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Inventors are awesome.  They tinker, they hack, they innovate and create things we sometimes didn’t even know we needed.  Actually, I think that bizarre gizmos are a testament to how far outside of the box some inventors think, and while almost always entertaining, it’s something I can’t but admire.  The trouble with bringing radical ideas to life, though, is that you’ve got to sell them to people who might not be so inclined towards seeing the brilliance.  Inventors are not always the best salesmen, which I can’t help but think results in the failure of too many neat ideas to launch.

I think most entrepreneurs would agree with me when I say that a good pitch is fundamental.  I’ve seen some amazing ideas fall short on the pitch and suffer because of it; likewise, I’ve seen some really unusual ideas take front stage with brilliant-crafted pitches.  Pitching an idea, though, is tough.  I absolutely love to watch pitching competitions at entrepreneurship conferences, and to a lesser extent on Shark Tank.  Time is short, money is on the line and inventors are in the hot seat; the stakes are high and there’s immense pressure to get the message right.  Watching and learning from other peoples’ mistakes can be a huge benefit to prospective pitchers who want to get it right, but at the end of the day, practice is what makes perfect.  Like so many other skills, with pitching, you’ve got to just get up and do it over and over and over until you get it right.  Today’s project is a fun way to run those drills and flex your pitch-man skills.

Pitch It! is a new board game to test the boundaries of your creativity and marketing prowess with and against friends, all contending for the big sell.  Check it out:

A dynamic and social game requiring blissfully creative nonsense, but also a keen eye and sharp ear for what’s marketable. It is both fun and challenging! You are charged with the task of selling conventional products to unconventional clientele.

Putting together the creativity and salesmanship of a seasoned pitchman, Pitch It! seems like a training program wrapped in fun.  Selling a garden hose to an Innuit seal hunter won’t be easy, but pull it off and you’ll do Billy Mays proud, and probably learn a thing or two in the process.

Support Pitch It! on Kickstarter and pre-order your copy before March 31.


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