Day 42: Radical Requiems

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February 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

There’s a lot to be said for the classics.  Old movies, old music, old styles – some things are just timeless.  There’s art that’s as transfixing, songs as moving, books as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago, and keeping an eye on what’s worked in the past helps enrich and empower today’s creators of tomorrow’s classics.  Classics hang around for a reason, but there’s no doubt that the shine can wear down after generations of use.  Opera ain’t as popular as it once was because as we’ve evolved to discover new forms of entertainment, the grand ol’ opera hasn’t evolved much.  Today’s project is changing that.

Fresco Opera is taking an old school format and thrusting it dramatically from the history books and into the present tense.  Outside of the performance hall, opera can again become truly innovative entertainment for the non-pretentious (no offense to current opera fans…unless of course you’re pretentious about it.  In that case, you’re probably too good for this sort of thing anyhow.  Get lost.)

Fresco Opera Theater is coming to Kickstarter in order to commission Opera Unplugged, a truly fresh take on a classic style.

“Opera Unplugged” is a concept which takes the genre outside the performance hall and makes it portable in hopes of reaching audiences in unlikely places such as art fairs, farmers markets, festivals, and other venues where we can introduce opera to everyone free of charge.

Admit it, you thought opera was outdated – an anachronism.  I did too.  I’m a big fan of what Opera Unplugged has planned, though, and I think they might be setting the stage to change the way we think about such erstwhile institutions as opera.  There’s nothing antiquated about their performances, and on the contrary, it seems as though there’s more fun to be had there than in front of any big screen.

Help the Fresco Opera Theater breathe new life into an institutions whose popularity has dwindled as rust has gathered around it.  This ain’t your grandma’s grandma’s opera.


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