Day 41: Like a Million Bucks

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February 10, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Yesterday was one wild day for Kickstarter.  Two different projects crossed the $1,000,000 mark (and continue to rise), blowing old crowdfunding records out of the water.  It’s a testament to the power of a great idea to bring people together in support.  We’re making things happen through Kickstarter, and yesterday proved that it’s not just little things that can be brought to life through Kickstarter – there’s some very serious money being made here.  To me, it qualifies the paradigm shift towards creative independence in a dimension the world has never really seen before.  Financing your ideas used to mean putting yourself at risk of debt, if not straight up soul-selling.  It certainly worked and the world kept on making and doing, but that system wasn’t for everyone, and indeed it kept a lot of people from actually going for it – whatever it was for them.  It might have been a T-Shirt company, or a new record, an iPhone app, or a whole new, game-changing, ground-breaking, world-moving invention, brewing in the mind(s) of creative people reluctant to take the leap that the old-school funding process required.  Kickstarter made it easy – Kickstarter is still  making it easy – to take ideas off the drawing board and into the third dimension.  So in case anyone needed reminding, that’s why we’re here – that’s why I started The Kick-Off and that’s why I’m still doing it every single day.  There are truly great ideas floating around the world, and to help see them evolve and take shape out of the ether is something to be proud of.

Being reminded of all that by yesterday’s record smashings, I chose today to look for a project that was supporting this shift of power to the creators.  I found just that very mission in the Funding the Dream Podcast.

There are so many different things that go into a successful Kickstarter project. Sometimes you can feel that you are all alone as you struggle to bring your dream to life. But you are not alone. That is the reason I started Funding the Dream. It is my desire to help in any way I can. To bring together people with different ideas, skills, background, and experience, and to get them to share that with the rest of us. That makes all of us better as we learn and listen from each other.

For 29 episodes, Funding the Dream has been sharing wisdom and support from amongst the Kickstarter community, drawing insights from some of the most successful and most experienced Kickstarter-backed project creators, in an effort to help others seize the opportunity that crowdfunding provides.  Richard Bliss is looking now to Kickstarter in order to expand his conversation and reach a community of more creators than ever before.

As I’m listening through the older episodes, I’m hearing amazing stories of both success and error – within each one a lesson for prospective doers, and encouragement all around.

I believe that almost everyone has at least one great idea.  What’s yours and what’s stopping you from going for it?  Chances are, there’s less today than ever before to stand in your way, and you only have to look at yesterday’s record breakers for proof of that.


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