Day 39: The Family that Plays Together…

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February 8, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve remarked before on how awesome I think board games are.  I was genuinely shocked at how my family – whose dynamics are frequently turbulent – was brought together by board games.  We almost made it through the night without somebody crying!  Almost.  Here’s to next time.

With the miraculous power to bring people together in healthy and relatively pain-free competition, the idea of having a regularly-scheduled “Family Game Night” seems like a good one…provided everyone can move past how corny it sounds and actually embrace the fun.  Today’s project is a short film focusing on how one family’s game night takes a turn when a new game is introduced that shakes the players up from their comfortable routine.

Game Night” is a short film about a family that gets a mysterious board game in the mail. The family sits down to play, but the game is more than it seems, and to finish it they’ll have to confront a secret they’ve kept quiet for years.

Probably the most interesting thing about this story is how the producers have structured its progression around the gameplay of the board game they concocted for the script: Kablooey.  The game itself became more than a prop as the writers developed it as a plot device, considering the rules, the stakes, the players motives, etc.  Suspense, drama, secrets and what sounds like a count-down looming over a game with a title that promises a bang make this project look like a great new film.

Game Night’s producers are turning to Kickstarter to help the film make its festival debut and have until February 19 to make their $1,500 goal.  Not much further, but time is running out.


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