Day 37: Super Strange

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February 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Comics seem to be more and more popular recently.  Movies and TV shows are turning to old-timey ink and paper for inspiration (which I think is both a testament to the creativity of comics and the lack of imagination left in Hollywood), and suddenly it’s cool to dress up as Iron Man for Halloween…sometimes.

I’ve never really been much of a comic-reader, but having a stepfather who most certainly is, I’ve seen my share and have been really impressed with a lot of the artwork.  I’m actually a big fan of the illustration style – it’s classic and creative, able to visually render abstractions that would otherwise need lengthy description (“KA-BIFF!”).  Pictures really do say a thousand words, and when you can make up your own picture, you can say a lot of interesting stuff.

Today’s project takes a game I think we’ve all played (and if you haven’t you should start now) and put it down in ink: what’s the weirdest superpower you could have?

Rather than go on, I’m going to let Kevin Delger‘s artistry do the talking:

The Daily Superpower was a year-long project during which Kevin Delger concocted a depiction of an amazing and unique superpower every weekday.  The result was 260 panels, each showcasing something we humans simply weren’t built for…and sometimes wouldn’t want to be.

These are brilliant.  I’ve been flipping through his work, finding enough creativity there to spark the next 30 years in brilliant comics and bad movies.

Kevin is putting together a book containing his year’s worth of super-dreams and is turning to Kickstarter for support.  I really hope that he continues to put these together.  I thought the array of superpowers in comic world already were close to boundless, but by letting imaginations run wild with ink and/or photoshop, Kevin’s given birth to more obscure heroes than the world may have ever known before.

If you could have one unique superpower/super-feature, what would it be? (“Unique” = non-traditional.  If one of the X-Men can do it, it’s off the table)
Me?  Ability to Control Insects.


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