Day 30: Hot Moves

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January 30, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Winter has made a triumphant return on Michigan, somewhat to my dismay.  Weather here for the past few months had been relatively temperate, and for the most part didn’t get in my way – I was still able to ride my bike to and fro with only minor difficulty (it’s a scary moment when you realize not a moment too soon that your brakes are frozen…).  I like winter, but with wind-chills and ice currently impeding my outdoor activity, I’m looking forward to a little heat.  Luckily, today’s project is bringing it.

Fire and grace make for one hell of a show.  There’s something uniquely transfixing about fire dancing, probably having something to do with the fact that EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!

In April of this year, Temple of Poi is hosting its 7th annual Fire Dancing Expo in San Fransisco, and it’s going to be hot.  Check out some footage from previous shows:

It’s not often enough that you get to see fire dancers – I fear it might be a dying art.  Keep it alive and burning by backing The 2012 Fire Dancing Expo on Kickstarter before time runs out on Feb 6.


…damn, that was a lame intro…can anyone think of some more fire puns?


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