Day 27: Above the Din

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January 27, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

We live in an age of information overload.  People everywhere are constantly tweeting, updating, posting and sharing their thoughts, experiences, insights and news.  Some are spreading love, some hate, but that’s how it goes when almost everybody’s got a voice.  The real trouble, though, is when everybody’s voice is the same volume, it can be difficult to find anything worth listening to.  We numb ourselves to the noise, and any hope of hearing somebody not on our newsfeed withers pretty fast.  Today’s project hopes to help raise the worthiest words above the rabble and feature stories of hope, or of need, or of triumph, or inspiration, or calls to action so that the world might take notice.

HopeMob is a platform attempting to crowdsource kindness by featuring compelling stories from around the world.  They’ll attempt to unite generous strangers to bring hope and support for a story that we, The People, will use “Story Points” to elect as worthy of shouting from the digital mountaintops.

We tell stories.  In spite of a social media boom, we believe that people with the most pressing needs all around the world, including the United States, are not having their stories told and we will find them and tell them to you.  Our world renowned team of filmmakers, photographers, storytellers, and social workers will find, verify, and document the most pressing needs in the world today and HopeMob will tell you ONE STORY at a time ranging from a mom with starving children in Somalia, to a college student needing a little help with tuition before she drops out, to a family with a disabled child in desperate need of safe transportation.  Our mission will be to find the stories nobody else is telling and blast them out to the world!  We’ve started this work already.

I look at it as a democratized human interest newsfeed.  Think: Digg meets HLN, without Nancy Grace.  (A side note: I hate HLN.  Not because I dislike human-interest pieces, but because they’re doing less truth-telling and more hyperbolized squawking than any story can handle.  They exploit what might otherwise be compelling stories of human events, and instead turn them into over-dramatized mockeries.  It’s disgraceful.  HopeMob, by way of being a democratic platform for up-voting the stories we find most worthy, and further one without un-objective commentary from the career anchors and politicians from the sidelines, won’t run into these issues.)

HopeMob wants to evolve into a platform for bringing attention to extraordinary situations – telling extraordinary stories and tuning in a world deafened under a waterfall of information.  They’ve got a big goal and a long way to go, but you can be part of their story by backing them before Feb. 17.

NOTE: If they reach $88,000 in pledges by midnight tonight (Pacific Standard Time), they’ll receive an enormous grant of $12,500, putting them over the $100,000 mark and a big step closer to their goal.  Tick-tock-tick, your dollar might make a big impact here and now.


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