Day 24: Can I Get a Witness?


January 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth 30,000 words per second.  Top that, Rebel XD.  All joking aside, mass videography has changed the world.  We now have the power to share our perspectives – uncensored (for the most part), raw and uncut – with the whole world, nearly instantaneously.  Do you know anyone whose cellphone doesn’t have a camera?  We can record and share precious and inspiring moments, random acts of silliness, marvels of the natural world, as well as expose some things that people might not appreciate being known for.  Public nose-pickers beware, but this new power makes tyrants, brutes and even common assholes subject to accountability in ways unlike ever before possible.  Exposing evil is a big part of conquering it, and that’s precisely what today’s project is looking to do.

In The Image will be a documentary about The Camera Project, a program developed by B’Tselem, a Jerusalem-based human rights organization, to equip and train Palestinians with cameras to capture and share human rights violations.  The results aren’t pretty.

The Camera Project was launched in 2007 by B’Tselem, a Jerusalem based human rights organization. They began to distribute video cameras, teaching young Palestinian women how to technically operate the cameras. Over the last 4 years these courageous women, some as young as 17, have produced a stunning video chronicle of life under occupation. They risk attack, imprisonment and harassment for themselves and their families. Their footage has had an increasing impact in the Israeli and International media – and the army has attempted to silence them.

Viva la exposure.  Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

Like it or not, chances are good that as soon as you set foot outdoors, you’re being watched by somebody.  Act accordingly.  We can use this power to promote goodness by exposing and shaming badness in the world, and that’s a goal I think is worth supporting.  In The Image still needs more than $3,000 in pledges before Feb 10.  Be part of the exposure and help these stories be told by backing them today.


One thought on “Day 24: Can I Get a Witness?

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