Day 19: Give a Little, Get a Little

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January 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

This whole project (yes, this one.  The one you’re viewing right now.  The one being chronicled by this very blog.  The Kick-Off) is built upon the notion of giving a little support to good causes.  Sometimes that means art, sometimes games, sometimes projects and products and services and new ways of doing things to make the world a better, or at least more interesting.  Kickstarter gives us the chance to be a small part of something big by giving a little and getting a little something back.  Giving a little doesn’t always generate the kind of impact that’s instrumental to a project’s success, but it adds up quickly when the incentives attached appeal to more than peoples’ generosity.  Today’s project echoes that concept nicely, and provides a few unique new tools to help make the act of giving a little more popular.

The ChangeMob is developing a system for collecting small donations from lots of users and offering rewards in return.

Here’s how it’ll work:

TCM is an agent for Change where users are rewarded for doing good.  This reward is a unique digital coupon that can only be found on TCM, that is delivered straight to one’s smart phone or email.  In exchange, the user will donate $1 or more to a featured TCM cause.  Give a dollar, get a great deal, change the world.

Giving a little and getting a little back sounds like a recipe for sustainable support, which makes The ChangeMob a unique tool for raising money where it’s needed.  It’s great for the charity, great for the sponsor and pretty great for anyone who likes saving some coin.  That probably includes you as well, no?

Pitch in with a small pledge to The ChangeMob before Feb. 27 and you’ll be first in line to give and get, and be part of a new mob of world changers.


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