Day 16: Regifted


January 16, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Not to be a downer, but Christmas this year reminded me of just how wasteful we can be.  Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t even close to the first thing on my mind – I had a great holiday, giving and getting great stuff and enjoying time with my family.  The holiday itself was awesome.  Clean up, though, involved bag after bag after bag of spent wrapping paper.

As much as my mother assures me that it’s tacky and uncouth, I often try to sneak by with recycled newspaper as gift wrap.  Still, for some reason it’s generally not regarded as being as thoughtful as traditional wrapping paper.  I think society should un-bunch its panties about that, but perhaps today’s project could offer a step in the right direction: a reusable gift wrapping solution that doesn’t look like you had read it on the toilet that morning.

ScrunchieWrap is an alternative to this incredibly wasteful, time-consuming hassle of wrapping gifts in wrapping paper. ScrunchieWrap is a fabric cinch pouch. It is both beautiful, and easy to use – and reuse year after year. After years of use, ScrunchieWrap is also 100% recyclable, (unlike bow and adhesive tape laden wrapping paper).

ScrunchieWrap also solves an additional problem that I’ve run up against in the past: wrapping oddly-shaped gifts, which at 3 AM on Christmas morning sort of makes me want to call the whole show off and grab a gift bag.

The only problem I see with ScrunchieWrap might be my not wanting to give it away.  It might make for an awkward holiday moment when I ask Brad for the gift wrap back once he’s done opening his present, but I suppose that ScrunchieWrap could literally be a gift that keeps on giving.  There’s a chance you’ll get your ScrunchieWrap back one day from someone you gave it to in the past.

Anyway, until the world loosens up about headlines and the funnies under the Christmas tree, I think ScrunchieWrap is a classy way to cut the holiday waste.


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