Day 15: A Public Publication

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January 15, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Books are great.  It was too late in life that I realized that.  I spent too much time growing up sitting in front of video games and TV and not enough flipping pages.  I’m glad to have remedied that by now, and discovered how much fun reading can be.  (I’m still relatively new to fiction, so if you have any suggestions, I have an ongoing To-Read list that I’d be happy to add your recommendations to.)

I’m really not convinced that the world could suffer from an over-abundance of reading material.  With the advent of the interwebs, publishing one’s creative works has become easier than ever, and writers everywhere have taken advantage of that.  It seems, though, that so much of that material is scattered across the web and difficult to locate, especially if nobody’s trying strenuously to promote it.  Today’s project would provide an elegant solution for the amateur authors: an online, public publication platform and library for independent writers and lovers of independent writing. will empower a community of readers and writers interested in alternative publishing tools. It will feature a community-oriented web interface, donation buttons for authors, online and mobile readers, bios, book previews, and a purchase link to print on demand services. The donate button will also allow authors to redirect donations to their favorite social cause or NGO.

For readers and writers alike, Leebre sounds like a nifty tool – one I’d like to try out.  You can sign up to be a beta tester on their website, but unless they reach their goal of $3,000 in the next 16 days (Jan. 31), you might never get the chance.  Publishing power to the people!


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