Day 14: World Hunger


January 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

The world seems smaller today than ever before.  Not even in a cosmic “we’re, like, nothing but ants, man…“-type of way, but just in a “I know this great sushi place in downtown Houston“-sense.  Blame it on cheap transportation, the internet and a fundamental human desire to reach expand and grow, but the world is becoming more like a neighborhood all the time.  Food, in particular, is something I’m particularly glad has so easily crossed geographic and cultural barriers.  I do think, though, that the global exchange of cuisines has been unfortunately lopsided; there are plenty of McDonald’s in the Philippines, but not a lot of Jollibee’s around the metro Detroit area, let alone an exotic fruit stand in the ‘burbs.

Today’s project is tipping the exchange in the right direction: sharing a local Indian food (and a healthy one at that) with the rest of the world.  Jackfruit looks tasty, and Global Village Fruits wants to bring it from India with love.

Introducing new food is good.  Introducing new healthy food is great.  Introducing new healthy food while empowering developing organic farming communities is even better.  I’m looking forward to seeing jackfruit around the block and getting to try some myself.


3 thoughts on “Day 14: World Hunger

  1. cupcake girl says:

    Jackfruit? I’ve never heard of it, but based on what I’m now hearing, I’m pretty convinced now to try it. You’re a really good writer, Alex!

  2. The Kick-Off says:

    I’d heard of jackfruit, but only in passing; never been lucky enough to try some. I’d really like to, though, especially given the positive feedback in the project’s Kickstarter video (though others have told me nothing good about canned jackfruit).

    Also, thank you. =)
    I’m glad somebody out there is reading. It makes this all the more worthwhile.

  3. P.S.Aravind says:

    Muuuu Ultmately world is going to taste a wonderfull fruit which is totaly organic fruit were the Americans have never seen!!!

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