Day 13: Fresh-Faced Filmmakers

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January 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’m of the mind that kids these days don’t get enough sufficient opportunities to flex their creative muscles.  There’s not a lot of programs in schools to really get students creating.  It was my experience as a grade-school student that reading, writing, science and math topped the school’s priorities, and there wasn’t much incentive for students to think outside the box.  I don’t approve.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that creativity ought to be heralded and revered – it’s something that America could excel at if we invested in it.  Anyone can read and appreciate Shakespeare, but becoming the next Shakespeare takes more than recital and a command of English grammar laws.

Today’s project is an investment in the creative power of young people.  High school students from Springfield, Illinois have put together an astounding club to learn about, celebrate and create films.  They’ve been at it for years and are currently working on their latest (and presumably greatest?) piece: Welcome to Wonder

The Student Film Club has an impressive archive of films, all of which represent a remarkable display of the creative capacity and talent of high schoolers.

They’ve only got 47 hours to go before their deadline passes, and they need a big push to meet their $6,000 goal in time.  The budget is going towards typical film-related stuff with the exception of salaries – these kids are in this for the experience, the fun and the pride of showing off their work.  I think it’s worth being proud of.


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