Day 6: Cultivating the Cultivators


January 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Friday’s here and I’m still road-blogging.  Headed homeward tomorrow morning, and I’ve got much to accomplish here in the city before then.  Walking around NYC makes me acutely aware, though, of what I expect will be a growing issue in the maybe-not-so-distant future: scarcity.  Scarcity of fuel, of water, of food and of space.  There are what is professionally described as a “crap-load” of people on Earth, and there’s every indication that we’re trending towards a point where resource scarcity will make itself unwelcomely apparent in more and more peoples’ lives – maybe even yours and mine.

The world needs creative innovations to find ways to make more with less.  Making more food with less space, less time and less energy is the goal of a growing number of urban farms.  These agricultural oases are developing in cities across the country (maybe the world?) and are coming up with a new model for the way people get fed.  It’s a new field that still needs a lot of tilling (haw-haw), but today’s project comes from a group that’s actively leading the way.  The Seeds@City Urban Farm has developed a program to teach aspiring urban farmers the fundamentals of the new trade – a degree program in sustainable urban agriculture that involves courses ranging from farming to gardening and ecological landscaping.  Pretty unique.  I’d sign up for an urban gardening elective, wouldn’t you?  Seed Bombing 101, anyone?

Seeds@City is looking to build a greenhouse to help maintain their activity throughout the year.  They hope to use it to grow and sell seedlings, as well as another tool in their teaching programs.  I dig it, and I’m happy to water their crops with a little drop of support.

Right now, they’re only 5 days away from their deadline with a few thousand dollars remaining.  They need a big push and I hope somebody reading this will help them along.  They’re up to good stuff and leading the way for others and that’s the sort of thing I think deserves more than recognition, but real, tangible support.


One thought on “Day 6: Cultivating the Cultivators

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