The Game is Set

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December 31, 2011 by Alex Hoekstra

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s on.

Thanks to you – a small bunch of amazing people who want to make the next year one with continuous empowerment, endowment, and sponsorship of art, science, talent, tech, beauty, books, film, fun and all manner of wonderful things yet to be revealed – we are set to embark on our year-long journey.  Welcome aboard!  My name is Alex and I’ll be acting as Captain.  It’s an honor to have you with me.

Throughout the next year, I’m going to be looking to all of you, and your friends, and your friend’s friends, and friends you don’t even know you’re friends with yet, to find excellent and inspiring projects here on Kickstarter to help become a part of.  Objective: to throw support where it’s deserved.  I’ll be on a constant lookout, with my own eyes open to the Kickstarter feeds, but with my ears turned to you, who I hope to find all the amazing ideas lurking beneath the surface.

Keep up, check in and chill out with me here.  Bring a friend.  Bring two, if you’ve got that many.  Bring a stranger and start a conversation.  Let’s make friends.  But more importantly, let’s make some projects come to life.  At least in our own little way.

I’ll be posting daily updates starting TOMORROW.

Have an amazing New Year celebration tonight!  Rest assured I’ll do my best to make sure that there’s a little something to celebrate every day of 2012.

Thank you all, so, so much for making this possible.  I’m excited and I hope you are too.


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