Hello, world! Meet The Kick-Off.

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November 30, 2011 by Alex Hoekstra

My name is Alex, and I have a confession to make: I am in love with Kickstarter.  I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this blog, you’re already familiar with Kickstarter and the incredible power it has.  It turns dreamers into doers.  It’s a place where visions of a better world – whether through amazing works of art or music, literature, games, theater, or inventions to make life a little cooler [or keep your coffee a little warmer] – are taken from inspired plans to living, moving, growing projects.  It lowers the barriers that stand in the way of creative people – which means all of us.  (Don’t be shy; don’t be modest; I know you’ve got dreams).  It breathes life into ideas.

Beyond that, it turns everyone – you, me, and my Aunt Janice and yours as well – into a legion of angels.  It turns us, as supporters, as backers, as enablers, into participants in projects that inspire, excite or intrigue us.  We become more than witnesses – more than passengers – more than fans.  As a backer, I’ve experienced a tremendous sense of pride in the success of projects I’ve helped (even if in some tiny way) bring to life.  And I don’t think I’m alone.

That leads me here, to this nebulous little idea that I’ve begun to give shape.  I want to share that feeling – that pride and that excitement that comes from backing a project that sparks a special light inside of you somewhere.

I’m calling it The Kick-Off.  2012 will be a 366-day-long fund-giving drive.  366 outstanding** projects will receive at least $1.  For the 366 days that will make up 2012 (it’s a leap year), I will back one project each day with at least $1.  At least*.

From the thousands of amazing, funny, adventurous, inspiring, revolutionary and beautiful projects that will be created throughout the year, we can help to bring them into existence with a humble contribution.

$1 isn’t much.  I know that.  It might not make or break a project; it might not be the difference between reality and nonexistence for someone’s vision.  It might be a drop.  It might be wings of a butterfly.  It might inspire others.  It will be a vote of confidence in the project that someone is dedicating themselves to.  It will be a validation of the value of their idea to someone other than themselves.  It might bring hope or encouragement to the creator.

*Why “at least”?  Because I’m asking you to join me.  I’m asking you to help me build a bigger force.  I’m asking you to help me lift dreams higher; to push them closer to reality, to say with a louder voice that theirs is an idea worth animating.  I’m asking also for your guidance.  With the sheer volume of amazing projects hosted every day on Kickstarter, picking the right one each day may not be easy.  Along with your financial support for The Kick-Off, I’m also asking you for your input – help me choose projects that you value.

**What makes a project “outstanding”?  You tell me!  I want your help, that’s why I’ve made this page – to gather your opinions, your voices and your support for projects that you love.  Tell me who, tell me what and tell me why.  I’ve got (at least) $366 to give and it’s got to go somewhere.  Help me give it where it’ll be best used.

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